Beat the Storm is is a thrilling attraction where guests can explore the wind, from a gentle breeze to a powerful hurricane


The attraction is built ground-up thinking about our Nr. 1 priority - safety.

The guest gets to the maximal wind-speed area gradually.

The floor and any areas that a guest could run into are shock-absorbing and soft to the touch.
Tracks are separated for each guest to avoid contact.

Complies with the EN 13814:2019 “Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures – Safety” standard

Since the launch in 2022, 0 recorded injuries.

Theming examples

Amusement Park Theme

Resist the Dragon's breath and save the Princess!

Science Theme

Hurricanes are getting stronger each year (NASA). Get to know - how storms are formed & how to keep yourself safe.

Space Theme

What is the weather on distant planets?
Get to know about winds and atmosphere on Jupiter, Mars, etc.

Aviation Theme

Play with hands and body to get the feeling of lift, drag and steering.
Practical way to experience the four forces of flight.

Automotive Theme

Change the shape of your body to match the drag coefficient of a van, an average street car or a Formula 1. Get to feel the difference of drag force and different energy levels it takes to make the distance.

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Storm modification V
Storm modification H
Both versions provide identical customer experience. The difference is only in the technical construction to provide the most suitable solution for the customer: Choosing between low footprint or limited height solutions.

Minimum footprint requirement

Single Storm V unit
From 140 m2 (1 507 sq ft)
Up to 180 guests per hour
2 guests at the same time
Double Storm V unit
From 330 m2 (3 552 sq ft)
Up to 360 guests per hour
4 guests at the same time
Patented horizontal recirculation wind tunnel technology at the core of the attraction to achieve efficient, reliable and low-noise emission attraction

Technical Details

- Electrical connection: 290 kW
- Average consumption 75 kW per hour (0.16 € per customer)
- Maintenance only 1x per year, heavy duty components
- 80% of used materials recyclable
- Delivery time starting from 7 months
- Installation time from 1.5 months
- One operator per two units- 61 dBA emitted noise at 120 km/ h (75 mph)

Indoor and outdoor versions available

Why we made this?

Based on 18 years of experience in the wind tunnel industry, we wanted to contribute to the attraction world by creating something unique, accessible and  tons of fun for everyone.
People used to think that they know what wind is. But do they? The trick with wind is that at a certain speed it feels and acts completely differently.
We'll bring your guests to the point where fun starts and provide a safe environment for them to play and explore the wind independently.

Business value at its core

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"The power of wind amazes our
guests regardless of their age.

People love to play with the wind. The
attraction is easy to operate and has been
running with no hiccups since day one.

It is also important for us, that technology is
providing low electricity consumption and a
silent operation."

Best New Product

IAAPA Brass Ring Award, Second Place Best New Product
Category: Patron Participation Ride/Attraction

Best New Product

IAAPA Brass Ring Award, Second Place Best New Product
Category: Patron Participation Ride/Attraction

Who we are

Storm Adventures Ltd is a team of professionals with 18 years of experience in entertainment, wind tunnel design & manufacturing.

We are passionate about contributing to the entertainment industry by innovating experiences to explore the force of Nature.

Members of:


Ingus Augstkalns
Rihards Dziedatajs
Storm Adventures, Ltd products and services are protected worldwide by PCT application No. PCT/LV2021/050005 (patent pending).

Ltd “Storm Adventures” 22.02.2024. signed an agreement No 17.1-1-L-2024/117  with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on receiving support for export assistance under the project “SME InnovativeBusiness Development” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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